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Every contractor is better as a signatory
contractor and every signatory contractor is
better as a NECA member

So, why join the Arizona Chapter NECA? Being a member of AZNECA, provides membership to NECA

NECA provides a professional peer network

– network opportunities put me in contact with my fellow contractors
– partnering opportunities and business relationships
– learning from other contractors makes my business stronger
– provides me a chance to get involved in something that makes a difference

NECA gives me a voice in the industry

– supports me in labor relations – and that is priceless
– offers legislative and regulatory support
– ensures electrical manufactures, distributors and other industry players understand the contractor needs
– gives me representation and influence in the industry – especially important to smaller emerging businesses

Supports my business

– professional development curriculum
– cutting edge research from the only foundation dedicated to improving the electrical industry
– builds a bridge between safety and quality
– business promotion

Saves me time and money

– NECA handles my labor negotiations
– receive discounts on essential publications
– education opportunities

National Benefits

National Education

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