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Arizona Chapter National Electrical Contractors Association


Here are related links to various industry, government - federal, state & local, trade associations, benefits and other resources that you may find useful as a contractor or an individual wishing to expand your knowledge of the electrical contracting industry. Arizona Chapter NECA is not responsible for the contents or reliability of the linked websites.

   Partners - National & Local

National Electrical Contractors Association

NECA is a trade association that represents electrical contractors in Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe and Australia. If you would like more information about the benefits of becoming a NECA member contact our Chapter at (602) 263-0111. www.necanet.org


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

The IBEW is the largest electrical workers union in the world. Representing workers' rights in all areas of the electrical industry.   www.ibew.org


National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee

The IBEW and NECA jointly formed the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee for the electrical construction industry. The NJATC developed uniform standards that are adopted and nationwide to select and train qualified men and women for careers in the electrical construction industry. www.njatc.org

Council of Industrial Relations

The Council on Industrial Relations (CIR) exists as a result of the mutual determination of IBEW and NECA to provide a forum for the peaceful resolution of labor disputes in the electrical contracting industry.  www.thecir.org


Phoenix Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee 

Contact the PEJATC at (602) 263-8104 for more information about career and training opportunities for electricians in the Metro Phoenix or Northern Arizona area. www.pejatc.org


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 640

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a union electrician in Arizona contact IBEW Local 640 at
(602) 264-4506. 


Construction Trades Coalition

The purpose of the coalition is to ensure that independent  subcontractor businesses are not disadvantaged by unfair and  anti competitive business practices in Arizona. www.ctcaz.org 

   Benefits - National & Local

Zenith-American Solutions 

America's largest third party employee benefit program administrator. Zenith-American serves as plan administrator for IBEW Local 640 and Arizona Chapter NECA benefit trust funds.  www.zenith-american.com


NEBF - National Electrical Benefit Fund

NEBF is the third largest Taft-Hartley Pension Plan in the United States. It serves over 526,311 participating individuals, with 126,622 of those individuals receiving either a retirement or surviving spouse benefit.  www.nebf.com

Employment Opportunity
   Employment Opportunity


NECA member contractors are seeking experienced people n the  electrical construction industry.  www.electriccareer.com


Helmets to Hardhats

Separating from the service? Your military skills are worth a lot in the nation's building and construction industries. Helmets to Hardhats is co-sponsored by all fifteen Building and Construction Trades organizations, as well as their employer associations, which together represent about 82,000 contractors. www.helmetstohardhats.org


Arizona Registrar of Contractors

This site has complete information about licensing, examinations, bonding, license applications and employment opportunities in Arizona. www.azroc.gov

Industry Resources
   Industry Resources

NEIS - National Electrical Installation Standards

National Electrical Installation Standards (developed by NECA in partnership with other industry organizations) are the first performance standards for electrical construction.  www.neca-neis.org


National Lighting Bureau

Founded in 1976, the NLB, is a not-for-profit educational organization that is funded by private industry, trade associations, professional societies and agencies of the federal government. www.nlb.org 


 National Electrical Manufacturers Association 

NEMA is a trade association through which the electrical industry develops and promotes positions on standards and government regulations. www.nema.org


National Fire Protection Association 

Since 1896, NFPA's mission is to reduce the worldwide burden of fire and other hazards on the quality of life by providing and advocating scientifically-based consensus codes and standards, research, training and  education. www.nfpa.org 


National Safety Council

The National Safety Council is a recognized leader in providing safety and health solutions for reducing unintentional deaths and disabling injuries. www.nsc.org


National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association

 NEMRA is an association in the electrical industry promoting the use of independent manufacturers representatives as the most effective way to market products in the electrical industry. www.nemra.org


Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Founded in 1894, UL has since gained the reputation of being the leader in U.S. product safety and certification. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization. www.ul.com


Electrical Safety Foundation 

The ESFI is an organization exclusively devoted to electrical safety education and awareness. As a not-for-profit foundation, the ESFI promotes electrical safety in the home, school and workplace through education.



Electrical Contractor 

This magazine is provided as a service to the members of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). Visit the ECMAG website for industry related articles, research, surveys, vendor product guides and more. www.ecmag.com


Arizona State University

Arizona State University has an accredited distance learning program for electrical engineering. They offer non traditional professional development options related to this field. This program can be found at:



City & Townships
City & Townships
County Sites

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